• Light wave trapping
  • Vortex technology
  • Prevent escape
  • Kills insects and mosquitoes instantly
  • Free from all chemical and noise
  • Free standing with USB charge
  • Long Life LED light with up to 30m coverage trapping mosquito
  • Strong suction fan that pull mosquito into the killer lamp
  • Suitable for home, office, restaurant & hospital
  • Can be used with power bank when using it outdoor or places not near to power source
  • Voltage 5V,50Hz
  • Power 5Watts
  • Coverage area 30m2
  • Packaging size 116x116x213mm
PowerPac SKU : 5250

USB Mosquito Lamp Trap Pest Repellent with Suction Fan (PP2231)

Net Price$17.68$24.90